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Real-time Bladder Detection

VitaScan LT Software is intuitive and simple to operate. Users control the entire test from the button on the Scanner or using a mouse or touchscreen. Post Void Residual (PVR) is available in seconds.

  • Auto Location and Auto Tracking of the Bladder in Real-Time.
  • Physiological Anomalies that may Affect Volume Calculation are Visualized.
  • Manual Bladder correction if wanted, simple and advanced mode.
  • Advanced signal and image processing for sharp and clear images.
  • Full-page Reports in JPEG and Dicom.
  • Post Void Residual Calculation.
  • Post-Test Quality Indicators help to Train Users for Optimum Results.
  • Logging of all scans.
  • Simulator to re-run previous scans and used for end-user training.